Our journey begins in the thick forests of Central America where our trees are carefully hand selected. This non-endangered premium Central American Pine species boasts a heavy heart concentration and tight grain structure lending it the strength and durability rivaling that of red oak and offering a strength that is generally four times stronger than any hardwood its age. It is 29 percent more stable than Oak according to the NWFA, resists wood rot and termites, and delivers the look you want at a price you can afford.

Since 1984, Caribbean Heart Pine has been a pioneering specialist in linking the traditional styles of yesteryear to the modern styles of today. The unique, all natural heart pattern and rich vibrant colors of Caribbean Heart Pine make it highly sought after for its similar look to the old heart pine found in the homes of yesteryear. Now you can achieve that look at a price you can afford. Our most sought-after and versatile grade of Heart Pine provides a durable, beautiful, and moderately-priced classic floor that complements old-fashioned to contemporary furnishings in any surrounding. Heart pine has been used for centuries and is still the choice for building and restoring America's most historic homes and national landmarks in addition to offices, stores, restaurants, and museums.

Prized by discriminating homeowners, this treasured wood has become the premiere choice of builders, architects and interior designers. Perhaps one of the most desirable traits of Caribbean Heart Pine is that natural beauty becomes more evident with time. As the wood ages, its patina emerges providing a palette of rich, vibrant colors ranging from yellows to vibrant reds and coppers that deepen and intensify with age. Caribbean Heart Pine not only accents but defines any space, providing a natural, beautiful, warm surrounding for years to come. It's the flooring that stands the test of time and speaks for generations. Builders today are using heart pine for several of the same reasons pioneers did hundreds of years ago ...strength, durability and versatility. Heart pine stands the test of time and is known as "The Wood that Built America". It once framed four of every five houses in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, and even floored Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. George Washington's floor in Mt. Vernon is 250 year old heart pine and is still walked on every day.

Anytime you visit an old building, look around. You are likely to recognize heart pine still hard at work and in excellent condition.
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